The Puerto Rican And Mexican Migration Essay

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The Latinos in the United States is a dense process that enabled the U.S to expand towards the South and the West. And so, with the annexation of Texas and California it created a variety of push and pull factors that enabled the United States to thrive and grow exponentially. Therefore, it is helpful to understand the annexation process in order to analyze the effects the U.S had in South America. Consequently, this enables us to understand the Puerto Rican and Mexican migration towards to United States. The United States expansion towards the South and West was primarily due to its great economic expansion of Anglo business. The factors that had a major effect for the expansion was due to the mining in California known as the “California Gold Rush.” Also, the cattle industry grew vast as more territory was being taken over by the US. And so, one of the major players in this successive expansion enabled the creation of the transportation business of all the goods around the United States. The California Gold Rush was the largest mass migration in American history. It all started when James W. Marshall found gold on his piece of land. And so, the gold rush resulted in the vast development of California: many roads, churches, schools and towns were built to accommodate the gold-diggers. In the beginning, property rights in the goldfields were not covered by law and this was solved by the system of staking claims. Therefore, the gold also helped to speed up…

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