Essay on The Public Service Announcement : Adopt Us Kids

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In the public service announcement “Adopt US Kids” a mother is seen with her daughter trying to figure out what is wrong with a sweater. We can gather from the basket of yarn next to the cat on the floor, that the mother has knitted the sweater herself, but there seems to be a problem, the sweater has four sleeves instead of one. The house they are in seems to be a middle class house, which is very relatable to most Americans. Also at the bottom of the PSA is a text that states “You Don’t have to be Perfect to be a Perfect Parent. There are thousands of kids in foster care that will take you just as you are” There is also a phone number and website to visit to learn about adoption. The purpose of this PSA is to inform the audience, mainly parents or adults who are looking to either adopt or foster kids, about information to help them in their process, and to persuade them into fostering or adopting a child even if they don’t think they are a perfect parent. “Adopt US Kids” uses a multitude of aesthetic elements, but the three that are most prominent are style, text style, and color.
The PSA has a very ubiquitous style, for example, the photo seems to have the same style as artist Norman Rockwell. The Rockwellian style has an everyday look about it, but it also feels very familiar. Rockwell painted pictures of tasks that happened in everyday life, and mistakes are incontestably an everyday occurrence. Rockwell is such a well-known artist, that his style is unmistakable. The…

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