The Public School System Of Public Schools Essays

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The top level bureaucracy that is responsible for implementing the ban on teaching and/or the use of foreign languages in California K-12 public schools would be the Public School System. As stated in Governing States and Localities “The largest form of bureaucracy in the United States is a fundamental part of virtually every community: public school” (324). According to California’s constitution “The Public School System shall include all kindergarten schools, elementary schools, secondary schools, technical schools, and state colleges, established in accordance with law and, in addition, the school districts and the other agencies authorized to maintain them” (Article 9, section 6). That means if foreign languages were banned in schools the State Board of education would have to enforce the ban in order to stay in “accordance with the law”. If Governor Brown wanted the Public School System to ignore the ban he would have a hard time doing so, because he would have little influence over the Public School District. In Governing States and Localities it states that “Bureaucracies are impartial rather than impulsive. They operate on the basis of rationally formulated guidelines and standardized operating procedures” (323). This would make the bureaucrats less likely to ignore the ban, because it would be going against the formal rules of bureaucrats and causing them to be partial. Also reported by Governing States and Localities “Bureaucracies record their actions” (323). So,…

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