The Public Policy Portion Of The Socio Ecological Model Essay examples

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The results did not include the public policy portion of the socio-ecological model. This is because policy encompasses how society will impact the individual. The model is not a separation of parts. Policy enforces and maintains how the individual, the interpersonal relations, the organizations, and the community interact. Due to the wide array of institutions in several regions and stratified racial demographics, the assumption is policies are not standardized between universities.
In Caplan’s 2014 research, most students did not know if there are attempts to decrease racist antics at the university. There are course materials absent of any authors other than white men and the token minority person to demonstrate “diversity”. If students wish to learn more about another race or gender, they must take a specified class. For example, there is low regard for African American studies and Women Studies. Among the four universities, teachers did not respect the opinion of the students. Not only are the faculty poorly educated on diversity, but society expects them to teach the next generation of scholars how to be culturally competent leaders (Caplan & Ford, 2014).
In addition, the individual portion of the socio-ecological model demonstrates the negative effects of micro-aggression. In a classroom setting, students need to see a person of authority who looks like them for inspiration. Leaders are mentors and this is not exclusive to only the majority. Without this…

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