The Public Of Domestic Violence Essay

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Similarly, researchers seek to inform the public of domestic violence. Domestic violence, in itself, is a dangerous relationship. Since this abuse is seen as a private matter, there has often been “a failure…to identify and provide support to women” suffering from this injustice (Contratto et al. 8). However, greater awareness for the movement began in recent decades. According to researcher Kathleen Ferraro, “contemporary “domestic violence” discourse in the United States emerged in the early 1970’s, along with the second wave of the woman’s movement” (Ferraro 78). This was a time period where women began to “re-frame the cultural understanding of domestic violence from an apolitical individual problem to a profoundly social problem rooted in structural systems of patriarchy and ideologies of gender inequality” (Lehrner and Allen 220). As a response to the social and political turmoil of the 1970’s, women, from all races over the United States, rose to fight injustice in the way they are treated socially and economically.
Subsequently, they began an implement change in the way they portrayed themselves. Many women, such as Ana Mendieta, took on the medium of art to “[give] form to [her] pain” (Cabanas 12). Mendieta used “her body” as the subject and object of her pieces; her purpose was to “emphasize the societal conditions by which the female body is colonized”, objectified, and ravaged “masculine aggression” (Cabanas 12). Thus, art served to translate women’s’…

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