The Public Engagement Activity Consisted Of A 3 Day Intervention

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The public engagement activity consisted of a 3 day intervention process over a duration of 3 weeks, with a group of 12 school children between the ages of 7-10 from Roll’s Crescent Primary School. They regularly visit the Brooke’s building at the Birley Campus of Manchester Metropolitan University for sessions run by Mick Chesterman and Juliette Wilson-Thomas. We were invited to participate and run an introduction session of 10- minutes and 2 sessions of 90-minutes. The interventions involved the distribution of food frequency diaries (FFD) to the children to measure how much sugar they were having each day for 7 days. FFD included questions about what cereal, fruits, chocolate bars, sweets, biscuits and sugar sweetened beverages (SSB) they consumed each day. The diary also contained a size guide at the front, so they could tell us what size of SSB they consumed (See Appendix for FFD ). We asked the children to fill in a first FFD, then a second after the second intervention to see if they had reduced their overall intake. We also gathered qualitative data in the form of questionnaires filled out before and after the interventions.

In the first session, we spent 10 minutes with the children. Day 1 began with an icebreaker activity: we asked the children to write their name on a sticker and wear it, and we did the same. We then introduced ourselves and revealed the children what our favourite snacks were, before asking them to tell us theirs, going round the table. We then…

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