The Public Education System Should Be Reformed For The Present And Future Students

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The public education system needs to be reformed for the present and future students. In the article “Against School,” John Gatto writes about how the public education system currently established has declined in building character for the students in class. The public education system uses cell block style where students take six classes a day for five days a week while going to school for nine months year round. This causes both the teachers and the students to become bored with education. The teachers blame the students for being rude and unsupportive of them, whereas the students blame the teachers for giving the same material over and over when they would like to do something different. I agree with Gatto’s view on compulsory schooling, which has the effect of creating conformity and obedience to authority. I believe that the public education system should be reformed because of the following factors: the difference between public education vs private education, public education is declining, students’ cognition is declining, and educators should let students maintain their individuality.
To begin with, the difference between the public education system and private education is drastic. The private education system is capable of providing higher class education unlike the public education system. Private education benefits students more with a rich educational learning environment. Public schools main focus is to turn students into educated citizens but the public…

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