Essay about The Public Education System Of The United States Of America

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The public education system in the United States of America serves as a modem for preparing our youth to enter the complex adult world. Schools ensure the advancement of all students regardless of race, sex, or social class. Not one child is ever “left behind” in our schools. With all the standardized exams and tests administered to students, we can make sure that everyone is on the same path for success. However, no matter how much emphasis we put into education we still see students failing and falling behind. Many soon drop out and are thrust into society with the skill set of a child. Although it may seem that our system of educating our youth focuses on the success of the individual child, it is not as it appears. Schools fail to meet the requirements of the individual student. They instead focus on the student body as a whole. The standardized tests force the children to adjust themselves to fit a cookie cutter mold of what our education system deems as successful. Any remote possibility of advancement requires our students to leave behind certain characteristics and unique viewpoints to adjust to the “standard”. This is what we witness more often in public schools as opposed to private schools. Diane Ravitch states that “the central purpose of education is to prepare everyone to assume the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy” (109). Although this may be the end goal to

our youth 's education, this is not accurate in today 's schools. Schools…

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