Essay on The Psychosocial Transition Model Of A Crisis

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There are many models used within a crisis, the equilibrium model which states that people in crisis are in a “disequilibrium state in which their usual coping mechanisms and problem solving mehods fail to meet their needs”, this model is most likely used at the onset of the crisis. As well as, the cognitive model, which consists of trying to rewire the clients thoughts to more positive feedback loops” (James et al.). The psychosocial transition model which states that a crisis may be related to internal or external(psychological, social or environmental difficulties” collaborating with the client in order to aaist them in finding alternatives to behaviors, attitudes and resources.
However,there are two models that I believe to be the most appropriate in crisis intervention. The first being the psychological first aid and it’s first and second order intervention, the first which addresses the immediate crisis situation and provides immediate relief and the second which resolves the crisis but is provided by professionals in human services. The premise is that one should provide for the safety of the client as well as help in reducing stress and its symptoms, allowing for rest and recuperation and providing a link to resoutces and support systems.
The other I feel is most appropriate is the eclectic crisis intervention theory, which…

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