The Psychosocial Theory Of Social And Emotional Development Essay

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The psychosocial theory is a theory that describe eight stages of social and emotional development that covers the human life span. The psychosocial theory was discover by a man name Erik Erikson and he believe that our behaviors are formed as we grow up. I learn from Erik Erikson theory is that as we grow up our basic attitudes are form into eight stages as we grow up. I also learned that if we succeed in our stages as we grow up we are most likely to succeed to the next which will help us be able to return to earlier stages and be able to resolve conflicts. The information I receive from reading about Erik theory is that we can understand the child when they’re in the process of becoming an individual which will help me to understand and support children’s needs and independences.
Stage one of psychosocial theory is trust vs. mistrust which is given to infancy. The first stage to this trust vs. mistrust is that the infants learn to depended on themselves and other people. The solution to this stage is to have love, nurture, and acceptance so that the infants learn that the world is a good and safe place. If the infants do not receive love, nurture, and acceptances the infant can lose hope and the ability to trust themselves and others.
Stage two of psychosocial theory is autonomy vs. shame and doubt which is the next step after trust vs. mistrust. In this stage the toddler is learning new patterns and learning how to be human beings. This stage involves the toddler because…

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