Essay on The Psychosexual Stages Of A Child 's Development

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Undoubtedly, a child changes. From the time a child is born up to the time they reach adulthood, they are constantly taking actions or making decisions that mark a significant change or stage in development. Milestones vary by age and include different characteristics, development, and life activities. Sigmund Freud created the psychosexual stages. He believed that these stages were based off sexual motivation. There have been many psychoanalytic theorists over the years that have broken down the stages in a child 's life. Erik Erikson took what Freud discovered and expanded this theory. Erikson was different from Freud and he believed that humans develop in psychosocial stages rather than psychosexual. Erikson believed that parents have a huge role in a child’s growth. Erikson 's eight stages of his psychosocial theory can explain how a person grows, such as myself.
Erikson 's first stage is Trust vs Mistrust. As stated by Erikson, the infant will develop a sense of trust only if the parent is consistent with the basic needs being meet, such as feeding and teething. An infant needs to be comforted regularly. My father was in the military before I was even born which meant my mom and older siblings moved around a lot. I was born on Ft. Lewis military base in Washington state. However my family never lived there, and shortly after the hospital released us we made our way back to our home in Vallejo, California. My father was stationed in Kuwait shortly after I was born. It…

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