The Psychology Major 's Handbook Essay

1014 Words Nov 10th, 2016 5 Pages
The Psychology Major’s Handbook had taken me through multiple facets within the field of psychology in an integrative manner. These psychological concepts ranged from a general introduction to many psychology subfields as well as to help initiate self-awareness, to spark an ability for better direction in engaging the field. Altogether, the first five chapters had ranged from a lack of new or relative information in through teaching an in-depth process for how to engage the dynamic social functions that come through college, a process to which comes greatly informative and helps to conceptualize the college process. My own process through this material had come deeply enriching as the book itself had helped build my ability to understand a healthy procession in college, a procession of both what to expect as a guideline and what exactly comes in a psychology major’s timeline. The first chapter had come as relevantly uneventful information in the beginning in it that it seemed to only produce a moderate idea of generic subfields of psychology, subfields to which I had already come to understand previously through other psychology classes. The latter half had given another brief overview for new information to which had spoken in detail about the individual type that comes demanded in the sub field. The idea of ethics had come already relatively covered by myself, but the idea that one must foster a certain character driven self seemed to come both endearing and inspiring.…

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