The Psychological Theories Of Juvenile Delinquency Essay examples

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Juvenile delinquency has had many different theories to explain why juveniles commit crimes. The main focuses of these theories are social, which focus on the external factors such as environment and society that could lead juveniles to delinquent behavior. Psychological theories have been put to the side when trying to determine reasons for criminal behavior. Psychological theories focus on internal factors such as, personality and emotions. This research proposal will focus on the psychological theories that help explain criminal behavior. Researching psychological theories is important because it could help deter future juvenile delinquent behavior. It could also help explain how different theories have been used (or could be used) with rehabilitation and deterrence. Research will be guided with the following question: how does the Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court address juvenile delinquency? This question will be researched with a series of interview questions, observations, studies and academic and scholarly sources. Many of the juveniles that are introduced into the juvenile justice system suffer from two or more mental health problems. In the academic journal, “Youth Offending and Delinquency: The Comorbid Impact of Maltreatment, Mental Health Problems, and Learning Disabilities”, written by Christopher A. Mallet. In his journal, Mallet (2013) explains the problems dealing with the juvenile courts, “The most difficult challenge to juvenile courts…

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