The Psychological Necessities For A Person 's Experiences And Behaviors

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Self-Determination Theory is composed of observations of correlations between a person’s experiences and behaviors. The theory essentially states that a person is naturally inclined to reach the epitome of their full functioning self, but needs a consistent supply of psychological nutrients throughout all life stages to do so. The full functioning self is a person who can analyze past experiences with both positive and negative aspects in mind and make a willful decision to engage in a specific behavior. The psychological necessities for a person to actualize their self are relatedness, competence, and autonomy. It also seems that when one aspect is nourished it can also facilitate in meeting the other essential human needs. A person needs to feel relatedness in that they have secure bonds and acceptance among intimate relationships but also a place within a larger group. The individual may also experience autonomy and competence within these groups when given opportunities for reaching personal goals. The idea of Autonomy is a person feeling like the behaviors they are engaging in are based on their own choices and judgment. A person can be inclined to make a choice based on its importance to their personal development, alignment with personal values or emotions, or simply for the enjoyment of the activity itself. These are the most positively correlated motivations with an individual considered autonomous. In turn, if a person interacts effectively and…

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