Essay on The Psychological Factors That Influence Consumer Behavior

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Summary: While pursuing a degree in engineering, Debbie Sterling recognized the lack of women in that field. As she researched possible reasons for this, she discovered that societal perceptions about gender roles and appropriate activities for boys and girls are influenced by the toy industry. While the blue aisle is full of building-oriented toys that challenge the mind, the pink aisle is geared toward princess and fashion play. Sterling decided to do something about this by changing people’s perceptions about gender roles. She created GoldieBlox, a new toy company that is out to change how people think of toys for girls with the message that success comes not from playing with dollhouses, but from building them.
1. Of the factors that influence consumer behavior, which category or categories (cultural, social, personal, or psychological) best explain the existence of a blue toy aisle and a pink toy aisle? Why?
The psychological factors have an effect on the consumers. The most common instance of these psychological factors is perception, where a person picks, organizes and tries to interpret information and then makes a decision. When making a decision on a purchase consumer more times than not, have several choices. With this, the reality of blue or pink aisles comes with an association that has been embedded in our minds that could be difficult to change. The ideas usually play a part in establishing a person’s personality.
2. Choose the specific factor (for example,…

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