The Psychological Effects Of The Vietnam War Essay

1017 Words Feb 8th, 2016 null Page
Veterans should be recognized and treated with respect, that is the minimum we can do for them serving this country, but it is not what they receive. Veterans do not receive all the help they need, financially and healthwise. Yes, they receive some help but it is not enough. In the article "The Psychological Effects of the Vietnam War" by Josh Hochesang, Tracye Lawyer, Toby Stevenson, it talks about how veterans have been affected physically, mentally and emotionally, and have received the help needed but not everyone, yet there are out there struggling getting back to society. The war affects them mentally, they get traumatized after all they have been though in combat. There are mental illnesses that do not appear until years later, and when they asked for help for it they would be told that it was too late and would have to find help on there own. In the article “The Psychological Effects of the Vietnam War” it is written with anger and disappointment. In the article "A Legacy of Pain and Pride" by Rajiv Chandrasekaren it talks about troops receiving help but not enough help that they have to get help from other places to be able to provide for their families. Coming back home is the happiest news a soldier can receive because that means that they are able to come back home to their families. Until, they get here they have to face the struggle of being recognized into society. Veterans think that when they come back they would be treated with respect and recognized,…

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