Why Do Athletes Use Steroids?

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Mark McGwire ,Lance Armstrong, and Sammy Sosa all have been notorious athletes in the sports they play but have all been example of steroid consumption to many teens. Over the recent years amazing athletes have upgraded their game due to utilizing steroids and have paved the road for young athletes. In fact, there has been disappointment among many high school stars for they are victims of anabolic steroids. Its important to realize that steroids come in different forms of consumption: pills, needle shots or fluid. Over the recent years there has been an uprising of steroid usage among young athletes due to media influence and superstar role models. Not only are male the ones, but also females are also participants of this epidemic among young athletes. Through the consumption of these enhancement products athletes get a positive effect of exceeding in their sport and be physically fit. Although, …show more content…
The consumption of steroids can be devastating for it has an obvious effect on the user’s physical body . In fact, the athletes consuming can be reflected on their physicality. According to the “Is Your Teen Using Steroid” , Myers point out the symptoms “Longer term effects of anabolic steroid use include shortened stature, tendon rupture (from the sudden muscular growth), liver cancer and hepatitis, infertility, and cardiovascular problems( Myers1). The devastating disease that many athletes consume it not knowing the harmful effects it has on their body. These types of drug are harmful to those athletes who tend to use it daily. In addition , the consumption of steroids bring many chronic disease as well as being more prone to death. Not only are the young male athletes the users, but females are also

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