The Psychological Effects Of Of Health Care For Australian Indigenous People

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The psychological effects of facing health care for Australian Indigenous people.

Indigenous people, when requiring westernised medical support, confront many issues. Facing treatment, stress can affect ones psyche, the family, the friends, and even community. Both stress and anxiety are major important factors, which require consideration when addressing the needs of Australian Indigenous groups. Health, development, personality and social factors can help explain psychological effects experienced by Indigenous people during hospitalisation. A study revealed that Australian Aborigines self-discharge from hospitals at a higher rate than anywhere else in the world. This study of an Alice Spring hospital, showed physician, institutional and patient factors all contributed as to reasons why patients self-discharge (Einsiedel et al. 2013).
Health psychology addresses psychological illness and behavioural issues individuals confront when undergoing treatment. Indigenous people can suffer stress for many reasons. The concept of visiting a health care provider can bring about excessive worry and anxiety. Reasons for this may involve previous experiences of negative reactions of medical staff. A study found that cultural expectations did not align with the Indigenous culture (Carter, Lumley, Wilson & Bell, 2004: Rumbold & Cunningham, 2008). The result showed that Indigenous women avoid having check ups pre and post pregnancy due to high stress experienced, caused by bigotry.…

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