Essay on The Psychological Effects Of Major Depressive Disorder

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Psychologists use seven different perspectives in modern psychology to analyze the ways in which people behave, think, and feel. Researchers proficient in knowledge of each perspective can use their expertise to observe and make inferences concerning a variety of psychological illnesses, such as depression. Major depressive disorder can be characterized as a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and apathy are endured over an extended period of time (Gerrig, 2013). Common symptoms of depression include the development of eating disorders, insomnia, anxiety, self injury, suicidal thoughts or behaviors, and always putting oneself down (Gerrig, 2013). Each of the seven psychological perspectives possess a distinct role in the development of depression. The psychodynamic perspective focuses on the explanation of behavior due to internal conflict, biological urges, and inherited instincts (Gerrig, 2013). For example, an individual in therapy may realize the root of his depression stems from his parent’s divorce when he was a child. Over the years, the individual may have placed the entire blame regarding the issue on himself. With the help of his therapist, the individual can resolve the problem caused by his unconscious reaction from his childhood trauma. The behavioral perspective aims to modify the behavior of an individual by applying approaches based on observed, experimental data (Gerrig, 2013). A depressed student may isolate herself from her peers.…

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