The Psychological Disorder Of Victor Frankenstein - Social Isolation

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The Psychological Disorder of Victor Frankenstein - Social Isolation
Victor Frankenstein is a man that was born in Naples, Italy but raised in Geneva, Switzerland. He is the oldest of three children, and has two parents, Alphonse Frankenstein and Caroline Beaufort. His youngest brother’s name is William, and the middle age sibling is Ernest. Sadly, Victor’s mother dies of scarlet fever when he is seventeen, but his father becomes consoling when Victor has moments of pain. He reminds Victor of the importance of family from childhood all the way until Alphonse passes away from an illness brought on by the tragic events and losses he has had in his life.
Children are constantly trying to figure out the extent of their reach (in terms of their boundaries) and how this relates to Victor Frankenstein growing up, he was never truly punished and never had any setbacks, such as failures and he was never told “no”. As a result, he can’t find the boundaries of what is okay and what is not okay. There are three peaks all children have to scale in order to grow up and function in the world, and often,they involve hearing the word “no” : Tolerating disappointment, tolerating frustration, and delaying gratification (Braun 1). Learning these skills will not happen if the child always gets what he wants or is never told “no” (in Victor’s situation). For example, in order to tolerate frustration one has to be frustrated, therefore the parent has to give the “No” response in order to teach…

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