The Psychological Continuity, By Bernard Williams Essay

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In this paper I will argue that the thought experiment that Bernard Williams presents us is actually meant to show us that the psychological continuity criterion is flawed. The flaw presented is shown through the reaction of fear when someone is told they will be tortured and even if you break the psychological continuity of a person through the examples shown of memory loss, the gain of new memories, and body swap. The experiments show that the person will continue to see him/herself as the same person, although they are told they will lose all traits and memories that they now know and get new ones. I will go through the scenario pointed out in the thought experiment and how it begins to prove that psychological continuity is shown to not hold up against these thought experiments. I will refer to the person before they lose their memories and traits as person A and after they have their new memories as person B. I will argue that the experiment shows that a human’s fear is used as a way to show a continuum of the person’s perception of himself or herself; and since this fear destroys the component of the psychological continuity the theory cannot hold as it is currently written. Psychological continuity states that you will relate your identity to the continuity of your “mind” which mean your memories and other metal characteristics under this condition if we told you that you will lose your memories and mental traits and they will be replace with another…

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