Essay on The Psychological Concept Of Thinking

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The psychological concept counterfactual thinking is defined as “the tendency to imagine alternative outcomes that might have occurred but did not.” (p. 125)[ The definition came from Social Psychology, 10th edition written by Kassin, Fein, and Markus. It is the three-hole-punch version.]
Ever since I was young, I had always been interested in performing arts, though my anxiety held me back from ever following my dreams when I was younger and eventually sabotaged performances whenever opportunities came my way. However, my high school had a Performing Arts elective as I decided to join to try to put myself out there more. Though I would receive compliments toward my singing, the biased teacher constantly chose the same five girls for performances and ignored the rest. Note that though the classes in my high school typically held a maximum of 30 students, the Performing Arts classes always had at least 20 more students than were allowed. The fact that our teacher only paid attention to those five girls eventually made the other girls grow quite bitter, myself included.
One day, we had just been taught how to harmonize and were given an assignment: we had to pick two other classmates, pick a song, and perform it the following Friday was perfect harmony. Like any other high school student, I decided to group myself with friends. I had three good friends in the class: Dodie, Aria, and Ella. The first person I grouped with was Ella simply because she was the persistent type, came…

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