The Psychodynamic Model Of Human Function Essay

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I am particularly drawn to the Psychodynamic Model that human function is determined by in conscience physiological forces. They attempt to discover and treat incidents caused from past traumas and inner conflicts. I admit I use to get confused by the basic id, ego, superego concepts, which have been clarified in this chapter. Particularly I can relate to all of the defense mechanisms of the ego: Repression, denial, projection, rationalization, displacement, intellectualization and regression. I would go as far as to say I probably use one of these “mechanisms of rescue” every day. Yet when it comes to denial, as I mature I use this less and less. It is fascinating to see it play in society. Including my sister and my three year old nephew!
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If I compare the models: Biological, Psychodynamic, Behavioral, Cognitive, Humanistic/Existential, Family Social and Multicultural I assert that they are concepts of evolutional thought; (with the exception of psychodynamic which I think was ahead of its time.) With time thoughts develops as does the “good” of mankind, at least I hope so. For example: In the 1980-2000 in the era of President Regan – Clinton when there was high flux of immigration in the United States. The psychiatrist/psychologist weighed diagnosis and treatments towards Family-Social, Multicultural models. A Humanistic and/or Existential approach to abnormalities became popular in the 1960 and 1970 in the ear of rebellion against conservatism and structural…

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