The Psychiatric Emergency Room : A High Degree Of Staff Turnover And Change

734 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 3 Pages
To fully understand a situation, it is important to understand the context in which it is occurring (Matei & Antonie, 2015). In the psychiatric emergency room where I work, there has been a high degree of staff turnover and change. We have a new nurse manager. Ten nurses simultaneously left full-time positions because they received a grant to attend SUNY Upstate full-time, and become psychiatric nurse practitioners, resulting in many nurses and psychiatric techs quitting, and many starting; thus the staff is mostly new. Relatively new employees (4-6 months) is now orienting newer staff. More senior staff (at least one year) is getting burned-out from orienting staff. The nurse manager is trying to address old patterns of behavior, which are now being modeled to new employees. One pattern of behavior that I discussed with my manager is that techs sit at computers and do not physically get up to check on patients every 15 minutes, as per policy, and the New York state mental hygiene law. Every patient care area has a tech; this tech is supposed to physically get up and observe each patient every 15 minutes. The q15 min. checks are in the EPIC software program in the EMR. The techs sit at a roll-away computer cart referred to as a “cow”; each patient care area is also monitored by camera. Techs are consistently seen on video footage rarely getting up to observe patients and can be seen using their personal electronic devices. The nurses have found techs on the internet,…

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