The Provision Of The Public Health Service Act Essay

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A bill current in State legislature the amendment of the Public Health Service Act. The amendment is called the Mental Health First Aid Training act. The bill is attempting to have the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services administration (SAMHSA) begin funding for the start and maintenance of mental health first aid training programs. Furthermore, the programs will consist of, the expertise, assets, and knowledge that are essential to support individuals in crisis to be to contact local mental health care services. The mental health resources will include the location of public mental health centers and the procedures for recommendations to mental health resources (S. 711, 2015). This bill would authorize $20 million in grants to expand mental health first aid training.
Give your reasons for selecting this bill including its importance to you personally and its significance to nursing and health care.

This bill would be able to provide professional mental health training to help emergency services personnel, other first responders, police officers, other law enforcement personnel, teachers and school administrators, human resources professionals, nurses and other primary care personnel. The training will help these people more able to recognize the symptoms of substance abuse and common mental illnesses. These professionals could then safely participate in de-escalating crisis situations and initiate quicks referrals to substance abuse and mental health facilities.…

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