The Protestant Reformation And Its Impact On European Society

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1. The Protestant reformation had a huge impact on European society, culture and politics. Over the course of the reformation the catholic church lost a lot of its power. Protestantism was very popular among the common people as it focused on having a direct link with god, avoiding the system of bishops and priests. The reformation also sparked the thirty years war, a conflict that would change the religion climate of Europe drastically. After the end of the reformation started war the church no longer had total control over most of European society, even if the majority of European were still christian. Culturally it led to a divide in faith in the European populations. There were also political ramifications for the reformations such as how after the thirty years war the church lost its dominance over many northern European countries after a war-ending treaty was signed. This treaty also allowed these nations to practice whatever faith that the local government supported and ended the church imposed taxes on these foreign countries. With these limitations lifted the countries could flourish politically and become more powerful and patriotic.

2. Christianity was widely spread in the Americas because of the European domination. With European Christians in power they forced their faith on the natives and slaves without anyone to stop them. Another reason was the fact that in the Americas there were many faiths not a just a small amount of widespread ones, and African faiths…

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