The Protest Of The Vietnam War Essay

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The draft system ruined the lives of many young men from being able to pursue their school, careers, and many of which had friends, and or family that were attending school. This caused much of the student body in colleges to begin protesting. Protesting for the Vietnam war started on college campuses Students of a Democratic Society (SDS) because of the number of young adults that wanted to attend school but never got the chance to because of the draft system, which would ruin the chances of the young men with scholarships for school. The student activism group at the University of Washington (UW) was from 1948-1970. Throughout the 1950’s, students from a smaller college community began to protest the use of nuclear weapons. But the protesting didn’t really get noticed until 1965 when the United States started bombing North Vietnam.

By 1967 campuses across the country were inspiring more and more students to protest against the Vietnam War. On October 21, 1967 100,000 protesters got together at the Lincoln Memorial and about 30,000 keep marching on the Pentagon later that night. The war was getting worse but the civil rights movement was another reason for students to protest according to Kindig Jessie “UW hosted a number of radical, anti-racist, and antiwar student groups who often worked together in larger campaigns, such as the 1968 Black Student Union sit-in, anti-ROTC and antiwar protest, and the 1970 student strike.” The students saw civil rights, and or social…

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