Essay on The Prospect Of Power By George Mitchell

1641 Words Dec 5th, 2016 7 Pages
In the prospect of power anything is possible and the unthinkable becomes reality. Recently, in the Model parliament of Politics 2006, an unprecedented series of events took place. Firstly, a minority government within parliament essentially guaranteed a coalition government. It was clear from the very first statement from the Liberal leader Colin Mitchell that a coalition government was inevitable, and frankly the top priority. As a New Democratic Party member of parliament it was apparent that our party played a pivotal role in establishing an opposing coalition government to the current minority Conservative government, or so we thought. As events unfolded we saw how quickly politics can go from well thought out, well planned out and in the sphere of our simulation in comparison to the real Parliament, just how quickly parties become irrational when attempting to maintain power. In my opinion, this coalition government formed in our simulation was problematic and contrary to what was expected. Moreover, a minority government, and a vote of non-confidence forced the Prime Minister’s hand into creating a coalition government with conflicting views. As a consequence, the creation of this coalition both mis-represented the majority opinion of Canadians, and guaranteed a severe disconnect between Canada, and the self-proclaimed state of Quebec. It is clear that while a coalition government may be essential to maintaining the confidence of the house, it puts members of…

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