Essay about The Pros Of Bilingual Education

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Richard Rodriguez in his is personal narrative “Aria” gives the reader his perspective of learning English while being a native Spanish speaker. As a child he attended a monolingual school. He was told that by not speaking Spanish at home he would be able to quickly develop his English. Rodriguez attributes much of his success in life to this event of learning English, which is why he is against bilingual education. “The Pros of Bilingual Education” by Stephen Krashen challenges Rodriguez’s stance by stating the positive impact that bilingual education has on students, and how bilingual education gives students an educational advantage compared to those without it.
Rodriguez believes that supporters of bilingual education are blind to the benefits of assimilation. Bilingual schools fight against conformity because they believe that its important for students to remain close with their language to preserve their individually. Rodriguez goes against this statement by showing that by giving into the ideology of “the American melting pot” they are opening the doors to achieving independence. “Today I hear bilingual educators say that children lose a degree of “individuality” by becoming assimilated into public society...assimilation makes possible the achievement of public individuality” (Rodriguez, 245). Students who conform to society are able to earn their own voice in the public. These students are no longer considered outsiders in the public eye. They are given more…

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