Why Is Texting And Driving Should Be Banned Essay

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Texting and Dying
Texting and driving can be fatal. Just look at how many commercials there are warning someone against this habit. There is a lot on the news saying how dangerous itis to teenagers, but this is an issue for people of all ages. Some people think that it is no big deal, and it is just a matter of being a skilled multitasker. Some people think laws against using cell phones in vehicles are an infringement on human rights, but just like seatbelt laws, it is a matter of safety. Every state should adopt a law banning cell phone use while driving. Some states have already taken this initiative to make this happen. Not only should there be legislation towards this, but police officers should make this a priority. These actions would the first couple of steps in make the roads and highways safer for every driver. Driving is already dangerous as it is, does society really need people that are not even paying attention to the road? Although texting and driving may just seem like a matter of risk management, it can be very dangerous and there should be more laws to prohibit this terror.
Nevertheless, there will still be people that think they can multitask their way through texting and driving on the road. People may think they can multitask, but how effective people are at the tasks at hand is the real question.
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This is common sense. Just because someone feels invincible, do not think that an accidents will not happen. With all these shiny new gadgets we have and are installed in cars today, people just want to unleash their toys while cruising. A statement by the National Safety Council in 2010 reveals that “28 percent of all crashes, about 1.6 million crashes per year, involved drivers talking on their cellphones or texting” (Texting and Driving Don’t Mix). That is a lot of crashes. There would not be so much propaganda against texting and driving if this was not a hazard to public

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