The Pros And Consequences Of Cyberbullying

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Register to read the introduction… Maryland schools has partnered with the social media website Facebook to combat bullying. Liz Bowie inputs in her article posted in The Baltimore Sun newspaper, that “Facebook will help educate school systems on better ways to combat cyber bullying and give them a channel to the social media giant to report offensive behavior.” One person from each school district is designated to work with Facebook, and if they come across something that may be deemed bullying there is a process they can go through to report the abuse. Even as a top school official, Baltimore County’s executive director of school safety and security, said he has sometimes had difficulty helping parents and guidance counselors try to get posts taken down. This initiative was token two days after Grace’s Law took effect. This law named after 15 year old Grace McComas, who committed suicide in April 2012 after repeated online bullying and harassment. This particular Law helps make online harassment and bullying a misdemeanor. This huge step will not only help save lives but also help others who are too afraid to come forward. “State laws that’s define bullying and attach real consequences are the only current way to curtail the bullying causing teen suicide while also keeping more than 130,000 others from going to school each year.” (Klien …show more content…
Some teens believe that suicide may just be the easy way out instead of enduring the emotional pain; they believe that death would be easier. Many times repressed emotions of anger and helplessness motivate thoughts of self-inflicted death. Belittling a person robs them of whatever confidence they might possess and opens the door to low self-esteem and depression. Bullying can also be the straw that broke the camel’s back, that one thing that pushes a person to their breaking point, especially someone with preexisting depression or mental illness. William Copeland explained that Ruters Health suggests that “kids who are worse off are the kids who can’t escape from bullying. When you feel trapped your main instinct is to look for a way of escape. Dombeck feels that “what is far more difficult to mend is the primary wound that bullying victims suffer which is damage to their self-concepts; to their identities. Being the repetitive target of bullying damages your ability to view yourself as a desirable, capable and effective individual. Your self-identity is stripped from you. Dombeck also points out that “when you are forced to contemplate your relative lack of control over the bullying process you are being set up for learned

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