Pros And Cons Of Year Around School Calendar

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In the early 1900’s some American schools started using a year around school schedule but did not become a wide spread education system till the last two decades (Sindhu Nair, 2012). The school boards have been opposed to changing the traditional school calendar to the year around school calendar. Should America change to the year around school calendars? What is the year around school education? What are the Pros and Cons of year around education? How does a year around school education affect students? These are the questions that will be discussed throughout this paper. The Traditional school calendar consists of being in school for a total of nine months whereas the year around school calendar is twelve months with frequent breaks throughout the year for the students down time. Students feel that their summer days of outside playing and out of school days are completely over but what they do not realize is that the year around schedule gives them more breaks throughout the school year with a month long summer break. (Sindhu Nair, 2012). The year around school schedule consists two models known as the single track and the multi-track. The single track is for the schools to use the same calendar with the same holidays off, whereas the multi-track is to have groups of students to attend different times and vacations days off. (Sindhu …show more content…
An estimate of 5 million schools would be using the year around school schedule by 2012. (Alex Johnson, 2010). “The idea of a longer school year, I think, makes sense,” Obama said on NBC’s Today. (Alex Johnson, 2010). Throughout the research of should America schools go to school year around it shows statistically that year around schools are better suited for American schools. The intention for education is to grow through the mind of knowledge so that more students would graduate with better education opportunities and gain better paying jobs later

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