The Pros And Cons Of Walmart

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Register to read the introduction… The choices of benefits available are more likely to influence the employees’ decision in remaining with the organization. Organizations that are committed to retaining good workers must also provide adequate compensation that allows employees to feel the organization cares about their needs. In order for Wal-Mart to remain competitive they must offer a compensation package that employees feel is fair and comparable to other organizations. If employees feel that the organization does not care or place any value on their individual needs employees may not remain with the organization and/or adapt the desired behaviors the organization requires, to provide superior customer …show more content…
Employees can have the options of choosing what prescriptions he/she prefer either generic at $4 dollars, or name brand. Another pro is employees are able to decide and control what he/she is available to afford when deciding what benefits fit their needs. Part-time employees can be included in the benefits plan, allowing him/her coverage. Also,” insurance benefits are not subject to income tax, as wages and salaries are” (Noe, 2009, p. 374). Three cons of Wal-Mart’s benefits program are with so many options for employees to chose can be confusing. When employees are unsure of what benefits are needed, him/her may not decide properly and may go without, or chose the wrong plan. The high deductibles for some may eat up to much of his/her pay if the employee is working part-time or is on a limited …show more content…
5. Discuss how Wal-Mart can change its negative public image as it relates to benefits for employees.
Wal-Mart can change its negative image by showing more involvement in the community and its employees... Wal-Mart can also show employees they care about their families by providing resources, for example being your child to work. A family programs where children are able to see here their parent work and what they do while at work. Wal-Mart can sponsor individual charities which can be tax deductible. With Wal-Mart implementing the new medical benefit program it can enhance the positive attitudes of employees and increase their perspectives of their employer. Employees who feel that the organizations cares about him/her can reap rewards from customer satisfaction and committed employees who feel valued and are motivated to do a good

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