The Pros And Cons Of WWII

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As WWII began, Americans were divided on whether they should participate in the war, or stay out. The isolationist’s objective was to stay out of the war at almost any cost. The interventionist’s objective was to do all in its power to aid the Allies. When Canada declared war on Germany, United States shifted its objective from neutrality to preparedness. It began to build up its armed forces, build defense plants, and assist the Allies with aid.

In a July 23, 1942 address to the nation, Secretary of State Cordell Hull, stated: “As country after country, in Europe and in Asia, was attacked, it became clear that no nation anywhere was immune, that for none was safety to be found in mere desire for peace, in avoidance of
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One of the goals for entering WWII would have been freedom. Hull also stated: “In this vast struggle, we, Americans, stand united with those who, like ourselves, are fighting for the preservation of their freedom; with those who are fighting to regain the freedom of which they have been brutally deprived; with those who are fighting for the opportunity to achieve freedom.”

From our reading we learn that “American objectives upon entry in World War II were to rescue the world from military aggression and tyranny.” America sought to prevent what it saw as communist aggression and expansion by allying with England, Russia, and the remnants of France, fighting to defeat the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan.)

Their second objective was to “restore the territorial integrity of the invaded nations.” After the war was won, America sought the rebuilding of Germany and Japan, the very countries it had been at war with under the “Marshall Plan” which was a European recovery

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