The Pros And Cons Of Violence In Public Schools

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Register to read the introduction… The highly-publicized shootings and other acts of violence which have taken place in public schools have resulted in the application of stringent rules and security measures such as metal detectors to help create and maintain a safe learning environment. Similarities: Both private and public school administrators have your child's safety on top of their list of priorities. Private schools are generally safe places. Access to campuses and buildings is carefully monitored and controlled. Because a private school usually have fewer students than a public school, it is easier to supervise the school population.
Both private and public schools use some kind of testing and review transcripts to determine the grade level for new students. A private school, on the other hand, accepts any student it wishes to according to its academic and other standards. It is not required to give a reason why it has refused to admit anyone. Its decision is final. Both private and public schools use some kind of testing and review transcripts to determine the grade level for new
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A variety of factors come into play that results in relatively low matriculation rate. The drop-out rate in public schools tends to have a negative effect on matriculation data. In private schools the matriculation rate is typically in the 90-95% range. Minority students who attend a private high school are more likely to attend college than minority students who attend public school according to NCES data. I have three nephews that attended private school and all three graduated from college. I also have one nephew that did not complete public school but his sister graduated from private school and college. He did not want to go to private school and his parents did not force him. My daughter also graduated from college after attending private school. I am not saying that all black Americans that graduate from private school will go on to graduate from college but the statistics prove the number are higher. The reason my family sent our children to private school was the area we lived in. The school in our district did not have a good reputation for a good education therefore we felt it was better to send them to the private catholic school in our area. The reason why most private high schools do well in this area is that they are generally selective. They will only accept students who can and want to do the

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