The Pros And Cons Of Uniformity

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Uniformity Throughout the years, uniforms have labeled an individual’s status in society. Around the U.S., there are several arguments suggesting that requiring uniforms for students is not helping their education. The uniform helps teachers easily recognize students from the school in case of emergencies. In the present day, most professions have their own required attire. On the other hand, uniforms remove the individuality of the students. Their freedom of expression is restricted, which forces students to conform. My own view is that the positives outweigh the negatives of requiring a school uniform. Uniforms help the students better recognize themselves as a team and creates a feeling of unity. This means it is easier for students …show more content…
Over the years, there seems to be an increasing focus on school pride and a sense of unity in each school. Instead of the students feeling like they were on their own, they know they are working together and are each other’s support. In “School uniform improves pupils ' behaviour both in and out of school”, Laura Clark laid out a study about how uniforms improve student’s interactions inside and outside of school. She believed school uniforms “often directly contributed to a feeling of school pride” (Clark 2007). This means the uniforms served their purpose of enforcing equality among the students. If students see each other as being equal, they are more likely to work together. She found there to be less likelihood of bullying, and uniforms created a better learning environment. Similarly, in “Uniform Improvements”, Camille Chatterjee states there is evidence suggesting that school uniforms help reduce crime in school and generate better grades. Even though uniforms restrict a student’s freedom of speech, she uses statistics to support her argument that uniforms reduce school crimes. She believes that before students are able to learn effectively in school tensions need to be resolved. Her statistics show how uniforms lead to less tension in school and places more focus on a student’s education. Since uniforms help students see themselves as a part of a community, they feel …show more content…
A uniform eliminates this problem, which serves as a benefit to the students. In “Uniforms benefit students”, Jon Bauer argues that uniforms directly help the students by creating a better learning environment for students. He suggests that, “Uniforms make getting dressed in the morning easier for parents and students” (Bauer 2012). Typically, families are rushing to bring their children to school and then leave to work. The school uniform helps reduce the time it takes for their student to get ready for school and create a higher possibility of being on time. In "National Survey of School Leaders Reveals 2013 School Uniform Trends”, Alexandria Va shows how uniforms have created a positive impact on safety, discipline and school pride. She acknowledges, “Students who struggle with wanting to wear the latest clothing looks in order to fit in at school” (Va 2013). The uniform solves the issue and places more emphasis on more important factors such as a safe community. Va provides statistics to display how the increase in uniforms in school has aided students and the school

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