Why Is Core Curriculum Important

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To define true education, one must start by looking at the careers and likely livelihoods of the students being educated. Students need to be prepared for the events in life that would benefit them as a whole, not just core curriculum. Not to say core curriculum isn’t important, because it’s very crucial that the basics of math, literature, and science are taught to everyone. On average a student is individually different than his/her peers, and are expected to learn the exact same way. Although some may believe that America is doing good graduating students with knowledge that should help them succeed, in reality students are unprepared in almost every way since they are taught under the same guidelines and standards.
Students in today’s society
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“Not everyone will have the same ethics or morals as everybody else, but that doesn’t mean that anybody should get to be treated less than human.”(Sisneros) Because of all the diversity and differences, there is an undrawn line where the bullies can be controlled. This could be because they weren’t taught any better in early years. All students deserve to be treated with respect, another moral that should be taught in school. Teaching morals and values that students can actually use instead of core curriculum that is to be forgotten directly after the test, would benefit everybody who goes through the school systems. The thing is students can’t just pick these up; they must be taught. The big problem is the teachers themselves must be held accountable for this, and are hardly held so. So as long as America keeps raising the standards trying to “up the annie” on education, students will continue to learn just to forget. Student must want the ability to knowledge and this is hardly ever the case because, they just don’t care. They’ve been judged so much that when they get to high school, it’s expected of them to be stereotyped into classifications that seem forever bound to them. They should be grasping every chance to learn but due to the simple fact of all the impairments of American school districts, this is not a reality that can be granted. Instead of getting teachers and administrators who would make a difference in the individual students lives, we’re improving the technology and materials believed to help learn. With just one teacher to make a difference to 20 students, we could have at least that many students learn better and have the ability to teach their peers with the knowledge of their own

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