The Pros And Cons Of The Southern Baptist Convention

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Register to read the introduction… Women gained equal rights in America yet they seemed to fall short in the Convention. Americans could view progress with equal rights for women, but not in religion. This seems to be one area which did not progress as the rest of the United States. Even though many women are involved in the church, they are still unable to become Pastors. Although women cannot become Pastors, they can become deacons. The Southern Baptist Convention made some progress making women deacons. The Convention also progressed to teaching women should not be submissive to their husbands, but equally run the household and raise their children in God’s image. The Bible is very old scripture and as times have changed, so must the interpretation of the Bible. As humans evolve so must religion. Scientists develop new theories and medicines, and the scriptures should reflect the new world. As Mike Davenport reminds his congregation of the woman at the well, he is teaching everyone is welcome in the house of God. Everyone makes mistakes but God forgives. He chose this woman to spread the word of God even after all the sins she committed. If this broken woman was chosen to spread the word of God, all people should have the chance to preach God’s word. Women are not submissive to their husbands but equal. One day maybe women will be allowed to become …show more content…
This is a part of American History and all Americans should have knowledge about this subject. Teachers cannot stop teaching The Civil Rights era with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, because this issue did not end there. If it were not for the liberals involved in the SBC, African Americans and women may still be inferior to White Men. This controversy helped to bring more people back to the church. The 1985 SBC controversy changed the lives of many. Women have a superior role in the church as deacons, and African Americans are equal to whites with leadership roles. The liberals are the people to thank for this progress. Without the controversy between conservatives and liberals, women would be subordinate to men, and African Americans would sit in segregated seats with no hopes of leadership. Pastor Gaston made a huge impact in his understanding that the Bible was written in a different time. As society evolved so should religion. God created man and all humans should be …show more content…
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