The Pros And Cons Of The Scientific Method

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The thing that makes the human race so unique is that human beings have a unique ability to find solutions to their problem or issues. In the beginning of time the human race found that it was in the elements so they found shelter in caves. Then they found that there were not caves everywhere they went so that built shelters to keep them from the elements. “However, effective and reliable problem origination, prevention, solution, and challenge of solution did not begin until our scientists recognized and developed the experimental method, the method of science, most commonly called the scientific method.” “Throughout history, the scientific method has often been viewed mainly as a method of scientists. Some believe that the scientific method …show more content…
Not only has the scientific method not been adequately understood, in 1947 a famous educator and scientist claimed that the scientific method did not exist, and that there was no one method (Edmund, 2006).” His friends and others joined in with claims that it was only a textbook method, no single method, a rigid method, only a rational method; scientists must follow the norms of the scientific community, and some others. These claims have been studied and mostly are erroneous and thus false. Disregard these claims no matter how authoritative the individual or organization may be. The scientific method or guide does exist and has rightfully been called the greatest idea of all time (Edmund, 2006).
“Business-week, Fortune magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, often feature articles about organizations that face difficulties because of wrong decisions made on the basis of hunches and / or insufficient information on a regular basis (Sekaran & Bougie, 2013, Chapter 2)”. This essay furthers the discussion on “the scientific method” with a discussion on “the Hypothetico-Deductive Method”, with a post-review of how two Federal Agencies applied the Hypothetico-Deductive Method to address the use of Federal Government employee workspace. This discussion is supported by the following

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