Should The Drinking Age Be Lowered To 18?

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The drinking age has been a common topic of discussion for years now. Both sides have very valid arguments. That being if we should keep the drinking age in the United States at 21 or if we should lower it to 18. As I see it, I have no problem with how the drinking age is now, but I feel like the United States would work better with the age being lowered to 18. There are many reason why the drinking age was raised to 21. First of all, “the goal of the change in drinking age from 18-21 occurring in 1980’s was to reduce highway fatalities” (Barnhill). Which, back then was a great idea. Underage drinking was not as common; neither was binge drinking. Nowadays, in the “United States, almost all young people use alcohol before they are 21. Those …show more content…
“In general, the younger people start to drink the safer they are… Alcohol has no mystique. It’s no big deal. By contrast, where it is banned until age 21, there’s something of the forbidden fruit syndrome” (Greggs). That’s because kids feel that when they are not supposed to do something that they see is fun, they will do it regardless. This is not something that is new to humans though. Sense we were babies, parents will constantly will tell us not to do something and as infants, there is no pro or con, it is just do. The difference between young adults and infants are, they know the pros and cons and because they know that they feel that they know what they are doing. So when young adults first experience drinking they are not just going to slowly try it. They will go as far as their body will let …show more content…
Most adolescents want to feel that effects of alcohol when they go out but cannot experience it to full effect because they will typically pre-game before going out. Pre-gaming is the tendency of young people to drink as much as possible before going out, lowering the risk of being caught drinking in public” (Barnhill). Pre-gaming is very dangerous because the young adults what to feel the influence of alcohol for as much of the night as possible so they try to take an excessive amount beforehand because they do not have to option of spacing it out. The kids between 18 and 20 are not going to stop drinking. It just is not going to happen. The youth are just too involved in alcoholic activities. I believe the best way in doing this is by giving them the opportunity to drink responsibly. By learning to drink responsibly give all the youth to get the best experience out of the influence of alcohol. That is why I believe strongly in the two bills that talks about reducing the drinking age in bars and restaurants. That lets adolescents experience drinking in a public setting without getting

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