The Pros And Cons Of The Divorce Law

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think it was of the essence on an to I the more you sure baby busy… that 's in the
People get married to get divorced since I started 1949 when I passed wedding I think to myself that 's inventory.
Statistics are the more money passes through family law court then all other law courts combine.
The more you charge the more people willing to pay because they feel that money equals skill .
You know we aren 't much different from any other segment of society in terms of money calling the shots.
Either cases where they spent $20 million in fees.
The real stander is how much money can we make out of these people?
There is an expression that people can get as much justices they can afford and that most people cannot afford any justice at all.
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The family court call themselves Equity not courts of law although it 's not written anywhere in our federal or state constitutions family courts have given them selves a pass on juries to reschedule honest because there are 12 people will going to make a decision based on how they look at things a judge is a jury of one in the family court room the judge dominates the preceding in my world with his nurturing you with that scission like I 'm more comfortable with that and Family Court you don 't have the right to an attorney if you can 't afford one but …show more content…
phone calls but he just happened to be cheap General services were in or turn 18 years and I had peccable work a street and I just escorted out of building and fire it became cleared off that the judge was retaliating against him for filing an appeal so he made a complaint to the judicial Council this is where people can report unethical or incompetent charges but the judicial Council is made up of judges and lawyers and they where they remove the judge from office in fact that year there were over 1000 complaint
There are two types of support payments the first kind is alimony alimony is supposed to balance the income between spouses after marriage even if there were no children but many states have laws that make alimony last longer than the marriage sometimes even for life Massachusetts was one of those dates Steve hit I was a victim of a particularly owners and alimony start of the group last alimony reform to try to change things for sure for five years old paint 25 years without one and then what we came to me
Corruption of use extortion and for some even tragedy at a time when we feel intensely sad lonely rejected the family courts insinuate that sounds into our lives and profit from the very conflict and confusion that there laws create the chastising punishing us if we dared to complain do I think this is broken I just got on the corner of US family courts me up and set up with the best intentions but the outcome is a

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