The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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Register to read the introduction… Though the death penalty does not teach the condemned any lessons to advise them against future commission of murder, it dissuades other living persons from repeating their acts. Though murders still happen in societies that carry out the execution of persons found guilty of committing murder, the number of homicides would be higher if such were not executed. The fact that homicides still happen does not mean that potential murderers have not been deterred from committing them. Furthermore, one of the reasons why the number of murders has not completely faded away is because execution is not actually done even when the court declares that it should be done. Many countries have substituted the death penalty for life imprisonment. Therefore, people are still killed today because their murderers know that even though the death penalty will be pronounced in court, they will not be killed, but will serve a life sentence. Moreover, it lessens cases of recidivism because the dead is no longer living.
Moreover, some condemned persons ask for the death penalty themselves. Such persons, in most of cases, believe that they deserve to die because of taking away the
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I do not, however, support it when it is used discriminately and against the poor and underprivileged. Many accused persons come from poor backgrounds, and cannot thus afford attorneys to defend them during criminal trials. Their lack of money to afford an attorney and of the knowledge of the law results, in many cases, in their conviction. Many of them are subsequently sentenced to death for those reasons, and not because they were actually guilty of the murders, they were charged with. The US government thus ought to ensure that every person facing capital punishment, and cannot afford to pay an attorney, is represented by a state counsel. Otherwise, I still believe that the death penalty is beneficial for the

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