The Pros And Cons Of The Dark Web

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The internet is made up of three layers. It consists of the surface web, that is made up of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, all of which are used to access links to a variety of websites. The next layer is the deep web, which is made up of files that include academic information, government resources, financial records, and more. This part of the web contains approximately ninety percent of the information on the internet, but this information is not accessible by the surface web users. The very last layer, is called the dark web. The dark web consists of drug trafficking sites, Tor-Encrypted sites, and illegal files. Most people familiar with what the dark web is, would say that it is used for everything that is considered illegal and which people cannot get …show more content…
Yes, what one will most likely find on the dark web are many activates, those that if executed on the open net, would get people in serious trouble with law enforcement and government officials. Although the dark web can be used for bad things, there are also many different good things that the dark web can be used for. “For example…And Bartlett found that some scientists who study the effects of prescription drugs had begun illegally selling those drugs out of their laboratories using Dark Web markets.” Although this action is illegal, they were done with no harm meant to others as an end result. It can be debated that the scientists did intend harm to other people as these test drugs that they sold could potentially affect the user’s health in negative ways. But really it seems that they were going for positive effects in the long run. They had to know that the drugs they were releasing were safe for humans to consume, and overall they were looking for changes and improvements in whatever they were made to treat, and as a result, be able to improve the prescriptions and make a stronger product overall that would help benefit hundreds of

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