The Pros And Cons Of The DREAM Act

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants cross the border. A large percentage of these immigrants have nowhere to live and the only way to get by is by obtaining jobs that are tedious and pay less than minimum wage. Pro stakeholders of the DREAM Act include politicians such as Dick Durbin and Luis Vicente, immigrant organizations such as the American Immigration Council, and the Department of Defense. Some proponents, such as the Department of Defense, agree that the DREAM Act provides more benefits than disadvantages for American Society. Many immigrants work extremely hard just to provide better opportunities for their children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, for illegal immigrants, they are labeled “Illegal Aliens”, criminals, and rapists. The reason for this is that sometimes-illegal immigrants do commit murder or unfathomable crimes. Although there is a small percentage of these cases, they stand out to American citizens who want to be safe in their homeland. There …show more content…
On the other hand, there is an argument that opponents of the DREAM Act bring up. Importantly, opponents say that illegal immigrants are taking away job opportunities from American Citizens who were born in the United States. On the topic of job opportunity equality, this argument is invalid to proponents who say that illegal immigrants are occupying more of the jobs that Americans do not want such as picking fruits or cotton in fields, doing farm work, or working as custodians. Another topic of debate is whether the requirements to become a legalized citizen are too harsh or too easy for illegal immigrants to overcome. People such as Mark Krikorian, say that that age 7 would be a more sensible cutoff because, “That is recognized as a turning point in a child’s psychological

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