The Pros And Cons Of Texas Standardized Testing

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eaching or training? Methods or madness? Helpful or harmful? These are all questions one may ask themselves about the Texas standardized testing system. Despite the fact you need to know if the student understands the material being taught throughout the year standardized testing is not accurate for the broad spectrum of students. For someone who had no prior knowledge of what standardized testing is, I would inform them that it as a test that is giving to a group of people who are all supposed to be learning the same thing to test and see where our comprehension compares to other students and other places !
Standardized testing is defined as “any form of test that (1) requires all test takers to answer the same questions, or a selection of
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Unless the student continues to practice the material they or more likely to forget the things they learned. Since they are more likely to forget the things they learned earlier in the year by the time they take the state test over the material they will not do as well and may not score as well on something they know and may have just forgotten. These test put pressure on the students, the teachers and the entire school. These tests can cause teachers to “teach to test”. This can hinder a student’s overall learning potential. And the stakes for teachers are increasing which causes the teachers to put more pressure on the student to make sure they understand and try to remember for the test. With the year’s information building up to take one test and do well, often creates a boring and lack of a creative environment for the students. And with all the pressure from this test the teacher may neglect to teach the students the information they need to know outside of the test. The stress that these test cause (like all stress) is very unhealthy and is very bad for …show more content…
It has certain focus on what needs to be taught.
Because we are able to compare our scores with other school and other districts it allows us to see and compare the way we performed academically to the way other schools performed on the same test. If someone had better scores than another then maybe they could share tips or talk about what they did worth their kids that they think really improved their results with the test that maybe the other teacher(s) may have not done.
Even though there are some pro and there are some cons about standardized testing it is still that main question of is it helpful or harmful? Does testing really provided accurate data of what a student understood and remembered from the year? Who is to say one meets or does not meet the standard?
If I could answer any of these questions right now I would honestly just say that this entire process does not do justice to what each child knows and how well they comprehend what he or she has been taught. I need to know more about the success rate and the failure rate of these test and what they are based on and how they have developed over the

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