The Pros And Cons Of Technology

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If someone was to create a product that has never existed before say for example a pair of plyers. They are so universal, simple, and practical but they didn’t require much thought to invent. It`s very safe to say that if that inventor hadn’t created them another person would have in no time. What I am saying, is that the idea of this tool is not that complicated. The idea would come to a clever mind in need of them even if they didn’t exists yet. The same can be said with hover boards, hover cars, teleporters, and time machines, only they are not so simple to make. Sure there was a first, a person that said hay I wish I could make a machine that could go back and time. I say that they deserve recognition, but most of us have wished we could go back in time and fix something stupid we did. Now in days every skater would give up a limb for a skateboard without wheels, or a driver a …show more content…
Far more than in the past when everything computer related was relatively new. At most you could only hack or sabotage was a computer network or spy on your neighbors email usage. Today computing is integrated in to most every part of our lives. Java boasts that its software is run on 3 billion devices, from computers to cable boxes, from parking meters to home security systems. With every passing day it`s getting harder and harder to point out things that aren’t computer controlled. Even toothbrushes come with Bluetooth and apps. And the humble car that once was so simple, so mechanically inclined. Now is riddled with wires and sensors, computers and built in routers. Everything simple is becoming so complex and so integrated with technology. I’m not saying that all of this is a bad thing, I see it as a good thing. But there are more and more things to hack, I see a toothbrush hacker in the near future. Someone has to program theses computers that run everything. Even the little things that are

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