Technology Vs Textbooks

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Technology or Textbooks
Have you ever sat down and wondered if technology has improved or lessened the learning scale of the education system? What determines this? It’s not whether or not the information is useful, but it’s the factors of our everyday lives in school that determine whether technology is really the best option.
On average, students in the U.S. get about 15% of the teacher’s work time when needed and in the class room there are 30 students to get around to. Unlike the teacher, technology is around all the time and there are no limitations when you need to access it. Technology allows the student to independently find the answer when he or she gets stuck on a problem. Or if the student is still persistent on getting the teachers
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Reading can be done on the computer but writing is still something that needs to be kept in practice, which the computer does not provide in any way. Writing adds meaning and in its own way, self expression. Writing shows what mood you’re in when you write a letter, if it’s rough and tense then you can tell it was written out of anger. If it’s neat and organized there was obviously a gentle mood and the rest depends on the context of the letter. A typed letter will never provide the sense of formal effort or commitment to whatever was written down and shows carelessness. Another thing to take note of is that a computer isn’t always around to keep notes, and lacking writing skills could potentially stop you from carrying out an important …show more content…
Textbooks are also productive and useful to have. It is easier to search and get to destinations faster than what most web sites offer when looking for information. Sometimes you may not know the exact page you’re looking for, the text book would be ideal to use because its design lets you search for information more reliably. Counter to all this, not every school allows you to carry your textbooks in a backpack. So that convenience is no longer available. Textbooks can be awkward to carry and really heavy, while a laptop remains easy to get around with and efficient to carry. Textbooks and laptops each have their benefits. But laptops and internet access will always be a few steps higher than the libraries and textbooks. Internet allows you to access information whenever it may be needed, thus, technology has greatly increased the learning scale of the education system by allowing a more flexible way to access information and help on demand, rather than waiting for a gap in the teacher’s schedule or trying to find the perfect book that fits the information that is needed to be

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