Argumentative Essay: The Use Of Standardized Testing In Schools

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As America 's first lady ones stated "If my future were determined just by my performance on a standardized test, I wouldn 't be here. I guarantee you that." Regardless of whom she is, or where she came from, everyone has a different opinion. However, saying that about a certain branch of tests, and something that the government has made students do for years, shows that they do not accomplish much besides wasting our time taking them. Although some Americans feel that standardized tests in high school and elementary are good for students, studies show that they are taking out of the students actual education; in order to get the best education possible we must stop standardized testing and focus on the in-school material itself.
As most of the Americans now are concerned about the future
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Almost every American in the working class, or middle class, thinks that we, as todays students, will not be bale to reach the American dream because of the society we live in. Government programs like the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act punishes schools for having lower test scores than the rest of the schools in the nation. This is not even close to right because the schools are forced to take these tests by the government themselves, and the get punished for something that they did not want to do. The government does things such as firing, closings, etc. just because the school does not the resources to have an average education compared to the rest of America (Strauss). Because the NCLB act punishes schools for having a lower test score average than the rest of America, teachers are now trying to teach around the tests. This does not do the students any good because instead of teaching a for an everyday use in the real world, they, the teachers, are trying to teach around the standardized test. Thanks to the punishments being brought on by the government and the NCLB act, teachers are extra cautious, especially

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