The Pros And Cons Of Social Worker

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Many of the times when we here “Social Worker” we think Child Protective Services and from that they have to remove the child off their parents home. Social Workers have various of positions that they have to be. For others they just think it is just taking away the child but it is not, they try to help you from any substance abuse, mental illness with your child, or when a sick person is about to die and they want the family to appear to listen about their will. Another thing that Social workers do is help out the students that suffered from child neglect or how come they have not graduated from high school due to gang related activities. This scenario helps me get a better understanding about how Social Workers are and how they try to give back to the community. For this special social worker he once worked for Sacramento State in several departments but now he is off in the community helping others on finding the right interventions and guiding them on not going back as a abuser.
Brad Zivov is a Youth Advocate
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For Brad he got his Master’s Degree in Counseling in Sacramento State in May 2015. He helped students on assisting on furthering with improving their career or helping them with employment. Brad worked as a Career Counselor as a intern, Veterans Resource Center, Student Athlete Resource Center, etc. He worked for several departments before he stepped out of the University and went out to help out the needy people that need further assistance. He wanted to learn more on what resources that the community provides for the needy people because he did not feel right on working for the students anymore. So he just wanted to work for individuals current role that are not a student of Sacramento State. The information that Brad has provided me with is outrageous because why would a guy like him go out to the community to help out the needy

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