The Pros And Cons Of Smoking And Cigarettes

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It has become an everyday part of life, much like brushing one 's teeth or squinting when the sun gets in your eyes. The ever present aroma of cigarette smoke has been around for centuries, long before anyone was ever concerned with global warming or second hand smoke or anything related to possible health problems. But should cigarettes be banned altogether? One could argue either way, as some would consider them no better than “death sticks” while still others would argue that it would be a blatant disregard for the freedoms we all share. In the following paragraphs, a comparison of two largely contrasting documents regarding smoking & cigarettes will be executed showing both sides of the argument as well as which article best represents that particular point of view. …show more content…
Robert N. Proctor of Stanford University expresses his stalwart position in favor of the abolition of cigarettes altogether. Dr. Proctor provides a staggering amount of factual & backed research that demonstrates just how potent the negative effects of cigarettes are on not only smokers, but the innocent bystanders that are exposed to the inadvertent side-effects of cigarette use. On the opposite side of the spectrum there is the introduction of a document published by The Heartland Institute, outlining the negative effects that a ban on cigarettes could potentially have; this document seems to be the weaker of the two, suffering from a defensive stand point in which the authors simply attack third parties based on said parties preference. In short, The Heartland Institute, instead of providing factual statements and information in defense of cigarette use, simply defaults to a dirty campaign in which they attempt to paint their anti-smoking enemies as liars, cheats, and

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